2020 Annual Report

Dear Valued Supporter,

  Thanks to your generosity, is a pleasure to report incredible developments in 2020 despite a challenging year. The 203 children under our care at In Step Children’s Home (ISCH) have been loved, fed, educated, and mentored. Because of your additional donations, a new girls’ residence is being built and the final classroom, 8th grade, is nearly complete.

Your gifts made an eternal difference and enabled these milestones at In Step last year. I hope they bring you as much joy as they bring the kids!

  • An outdoor dining room was constructed and connected to the main building with a walkway.  Before the dining pavilion was built, kids had to eat some meals standing in hallways because of overcrowding. This was especially true when it was raining and they could not eat outside. The facility also acts like a multipurpose room and is complete with electricity, lighting, and four hand washing sinks. This was critical to keep kids healthy during COVID-19.  Theresa Subira has this to say, “I like the new dining hall because we don’t struggle during meals or church service.” Greg Mtuaji likes the new addition because, “it shelters us from the rain during meals and is a nice place for movie nights.”
  • An occupational/physical therapist was hired. With Sheila on staff full-time she could tailor plans for individual needs. Many of our kids come to us with broken bones and other physical injuries. Last year alone, Sheila conducted 936 therapy sessions including work with some of our disabled children like Purity who learned how to brush her teeth on her own! Click here to read the rest of the annual report.