In Step Foundation Capital Campaign

Help Us Build a Residence for the Girls

Did you know that the In Step Foundation (ISF) children’s home is bursting at the seams? It’s at full capacity. Right now, 71 boys live on the first floor sharing 4 toilets and 4 showers. On the second floor, 60 girls share 4 toilets and 4 showers.

As the teen girls age, they have changing needs for privacy. It’s critical that they have detached sleeping quarters from the boys and a space to study. We are currently building the first of three structures. We need to raise approximately $70,000 to construct and furnish the second of three structures for the girls’ residence.

You will be glad to hear that God has provided plans, skills, tools, technology, and willing hands to build same-gender housing. Our Washington state contractors, civil, and electrical engineers are working with local Kenyan crews to make this vision a reality.

One of three needed units fully funded

Please help us raise $200,000 to construct and furnish the second and third structures for the girls’ residence.

  • Each unit will house 32 girls with desks, furniture, and two share bathrooms.
  • That means only eight girls will have to share a bathroom and shower.
  • Each girl will have a vertical locker to hang her clothing
  • A common space with desks will give them a more serene environment to succeed in their studies

You have the opportunity to be an integral part of this project! Will you please prayerfully give to this project below?

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Girls' Residence!