Rehema Gift Catalog

Give the gift of friendship! Each unique friendship bracelet is made by the children at In Step Children’s Home.

Reusable totes or shopping bags are a practical gift. Each unique bag is made by the In Step Children’s Home tailor.

These handmade beaded bracelets feature the Kenyan flag and spell out the In Step name as a reminder to pray for our children. Limited quantities available!

There is no vaccine for Malaria, but treatment can reduce symptoms and help a suffering child to return to health more quickly from this mosquito-borne disease.

Give the gift of education and support teaching positions for In Step Academy. One teacher provides valuable knowledge and is a role model for the students they teach.

Throughout Africa, Malaria is a leading cause of death among young children despite easy efforts to help prevent it such as bed nets. Give the gift of a mosquito net and help a child avoid Malaria.

Rescue a child from abuse, abandonment, or neglect. Your monthly gift is combined with others to provide necessities such as food, clothing, housing, clean water, and dedicated staff to care for all of the children.

The children we serve are trying to overcome many traumatic experiences. Counselors with specialized training are needed so that rescued children develop effective coping skills throughout their lives and embrace a healthy identity in Christ.

In Step Academy educates children from Pre-K through Grade 8. High school students attend boarding school. Please give the gift of education and help a child achieve his or her academic dreams.