High school students attend boarding school. Tuition is $1,200 per child. This year 53 kids will be attending high school at a cost of $63,600! Please give the gift of education and help a child achieve his or her academic dreams.

$25 – one week tuition
$100 – one month tuition
$1,200 – one year tuition

Under the new Kenyan junior high mandate, we are required to add a grade 9 class. In addition, grades 7-9 must be separate from the primary school and
include a science lab, teacher’s office, and lounge.

$50 – one square foot
$500 – ten square feet
$5,000 – one hundred square feet

Maize and beans are the main food served at In Step. Our kids and staff consume approximately 25,740 pounds of maize and 14,000 pounds of beans annually at the cost of $13,400.

$258 – one week maize & beans
$1,116 – one month maize & beans
$13,400 – one year maize & beans

It’s a tradition in Kenya to purchase a new outfit for every family member to wear on Christmas Day. Our kids have never had new clothes. For $20 per child, we can provide this special gift for each child.

$20 – one outfit
$60 – three outfits
$4,100 – outfits for all children

Malaria is a common occurrence at In Step Children’s Home. Help us prevent and treat malaria.

$10 – one malaria net
$50 – five malaria nets
$100 – ten malaria nets

$25 – five doses of malaria meds
$100 – ten doses of malaria meds
$250 – fifty doses of malaria meds

If you do not have a preference and would like to make a gift for the most urgent need, use this link.