Amos, child: Welcome to our village! A place where dreams are nurtured and hope is our guiding light. Every day, kids like me, face challenges that can make our world feel uncertain abandoned, abused or left without a home. But we believe that no child should have to experience such hardship. That’s why In Step is here. A Beacon of Hope in the midst of struggle. I’ve seen firsthand how they transform lives. They took me in, gave me a loving home, and open doors for a brighter future.

Miriam, social worker: Our mission since 2006, has been to change stories, to heal hearts and to give every child a chance they deserve at In Step.

Carolyne, child: Here we are not just kids, we are a family, a village that takes care of each other.

Amos: Our village gives us everything we need there’s education healthcare, love and understanding.

Cheka, child: Together, we are breaking free from the cycle of poverty and stepping into a future of possibilities all thanks to our partners and sponsors like you. To every person who believe in us, who gave us a chance, we say thank you. You are our heroes so join hands with us. Be part of our journey. Support In Step Children’s Home as we continue to create the story of strength, love and hope.

Amos: Thank you sponsors for all all you do.

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