Join us on an exceptional journey of collaboration! Explore meaningful team-building projects that enhance your team's dynamics, contribute to the well-being of your employees, and make a positive impact on Rehema for Kids!

Options include:

  • Event sponsorship
  • Team building projects
  • Child sponsorship and education scholarship
  • Volunteering
  • Grants
  • Introductions

Your business will receive branding visibility on our website, social media, and emails recognizing you as a supporter of our cause.

Partner with Purpose

Event Sponsorships

Elevate your brand through impactful event sponsorships! Secure a corporate sponsorship for our annual Safari to Kenya Fundraising Gala in multiple locations. Our customized sponsorship packages offer a diverse range of advertising opportunities to maximize your brand visibility and engagement. Don't miss the chance to be a part of this exclusive event and showcase your brand to a captivated audience. Let your sponsorship speak volumes about your commitment to community engagement and corporate social responsibility. Join us in making a lasting impact while gaining valuable exposure for your brand.


Team Building Projects

Engage your employees with team-building activities designed to raise money for child sponsorship and educational scholarships. Here are some engaging and impactful ideas:

  • Team Challenges with Pledges:
    • Create team challenges, such as completing a certain number of collective steps, and encourage team members to seek pledges for each milestone achieved. The raised funds can be used for child sponsorship.
  • DIY Fundraising Kits:
    • Provide employees with DIY fundraising kits containing materials for crafting or baking. They can then sell their creations within the community, with the proceeds directed towards child sponsorship.
  • Knowledge-sharing Workshops:
    • Arrange workshops where team members share their expertise with others for a fee. The fees collected can be used to support child sponsorship.
  • Employee Donation Matching:
    • Encourage the company to match employee donations for child sponsorship during a specific period. This not only doubles the impact but also promotes a sense of corporate responsibility.

To discuss team building projects, please contact Estha Madeira, Executive Director at

Child Sponsorships Levels

  • $7 for one day
  • $49 for one week
  • $210 for one month
  • $2,520 for one year

Education Scholarships

  • High School Tuition - $1,200/year
  • Bright Futures College Scholarship - Vocational College and University Tuition range between $1,100- $2,000 per year depending on the institution and degree field.

Skill-Based Volunteering

kendall volunteer

Harness the skills and expertise of your employees to make a difference for Rehema for Kids. We're in need of pro bono services to elevate our outreach and visibility. This presents an opportunity for your team to contribute their talents in a meaningful way, aligning their skills with a greater purpose. Let's collaborate for a cause!

To discuss volunteer opportunities, please contact Estha Madeira, Executive Director at


We are seeking grants for general or specific projects. Your business will receive branding opportunities, visibility, and recognition as a supporter of our cause.

Introduce Us

Connect us to your company representative, church, civic organizations such as Rotary, Kiwanis, Lions and other philanthropic groups.

For more information or to get involved, please contact Estha Madeira, Executive Director at

Visit our Children's Home

We team up with businesses to create extraordinary opportunities to impact our children’s home and school in Kenya. Sign up for a team-building project and elevate the experience by opting for an unforgettable safari excursion as part of the journey! Join us in making a difference.

Project Ideas:

  • Tutoring and Business Skills Education
  • Soccer Training and Equipment Donations
  • Storytelling and Reading Club
  • Building Project
  • Gardening and Horticulture
  • Computer Literacy and Coding
  • Cooking and Nutrition
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Singing and Dancing

To schedule a trip, please contact Tori Costello, Operations Manager, at


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