Due to the severe poverty Kenyans are facing, we are expecting more abused, abandoned, and orphaned babies coming to us.

We believe God calls us to care for these vulnerable babies suffering from neglect who have nobody to care for them and no safety net.

Children who are rescued and come to our In Step Children's Home receive the gift of a second chance at life- to heal and thrive in a loving home with quality education, nutritious meals, medical care, emotional & trauma counseling. They learn and experience the love, compassion and hope found in Jesus.

Four-year-old Sharline's life took a dramatic turn when she lost her mother to disease. Left without parental care, she and her siblings were placed with their 85-year-old grandmother, who, due to her advanced age, struggled to provide for them adequately. The situation was dire, and it became clear that the children needed help! Please pray for Sharline to feel the love of Jesus surrounding her as she adjusts to her new life.
Kenyan Children's Services placed Bianca with our children's home after her family left her at a clinic. By God’s grace, we are providing her with the love, care, and support she desperately needs to give her a fighting chance at life.

Salome's mother died. Family members attempted to care for her but came to realize they were not able to do so.

Michelle is 2-years old and was rescued after children's services intervened as they feared Michelle would die if she wasn’t rescued.

​Michelle had not been fed or bathed in quite some time. She has jiggers which are small parasitic sand fleas that burrow into the skin and lay eggs. They generally attack the hands & feet and latch onto blood vessels which is very painful and can be deadly.

An Excerpt from Mama Carla's Jambo Letter

In a recent Jambo newsletter, Mama Carla shared her observations of the rescue and healing process.

Mama's Journal



Many tribes in Kenya still believe twins are a curse. Twins Haji and Alvin are one-year old and surrendered to the local chief as they had been extremely neglected and were malnourished.

Brothers, Joseph and Abraham, were severely neglected as a result of a mentally ill mother and absent father.

5-year-old Abraham is only slightly malnourished but he is a jovial and active boy.

3-year-old Joseph is HIV positive, not very talkative and weighs 28 pounds. He needs to be closely monitored to give him the best chance of thriving.