The children pictured here are only a small percentage of children who are available for partial or full sponsorship.

We know that child sponsorship is personal. Some donors sponsor a child who has similar interests as them. For others, they choose a child with a birthday or anniversary that is meaningful to their family. Some donors sponsor a child about the same age and gender as their own child or grandchild. Click here to access a list of available children's birthdays, favorite colors & hobbies to help you find a child you connect with. If you would like to learn more about a specific child, please contact Tori Costello.

Child sponsorships levels:

  • $7 a day
  • $49 for one week
  • $210 for one month
  • $2,520 for one year
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Learn About Child Sponsorship

  • It costs approximately $7 a day to provide these basic necessities for a child at In Step Children’s Home.
  • In addition to co-founders and missionaries who serve on-site, our children's home employs approximately 85 local Kenyans. This makes our children's home one of the largest employers in the area, which creates additional economic stability for the community.
  • The In Step Children’s Academy on-site school campus is fully accredited and staffed with quality, competent teachers, giving the children a strong opportunity to overcome poverty, enabling them to build a healthy and prosperous future free from poverty.
  • Each child is provided protection from abuse, neglect and exploitation – receiving instead love and compassion.
  • Children are raised in a healthy, loving and safe environment, which allows them to thrive, forever changing the course of their lives and future.
  • Children participate in planned activities, learning events and community celebrations.
  • The farming and dairy operations provide arenas for the children to learn responsibilities, skill sets and proper work ethics.
  • Pursuant to IRS Regulations, when you sponsor a child, your monthly gift is combined with the generous giving of many, pooling all child sponsor donations with general donations to ensure all the children, sponsored or unsponsored, receive the best care possible.
  • Please note: In order to protect the children we serve from reading anything personal about themselves that may cause them distress, we have simplified their profile information.