Sunday was a very special day as we were able to join the children for church. Church services are held in the “baby house” for the toddlers and babies and in the dining pavilion for the other children.

The church service was so beautiful! The kids recite memory verses and sing worship songs. Their voices are so smooth and beautifully blended. I will share a video later as the wifi is very finicky. Trust me though, you won’t want to miss it. My new goal is to memorize each of the memory verses our children know! What a gift that they will be able to recall their verses throughout their lives when they need guidance.

After church services, I spent some time with a group of 8-12-year-old girls. They were hilarious with their questions. My favorite was after being asked if I washed my clothes by hand or in a machine, I was informed, “If you wash your clothes in a machine in Africa, you’re lazy.” I love being lazy! 🤣

Children receive a new pair of Croc-style shoes every six months, and today was that special occasion. After the Crocs were distributed, the team from SHC brought paint markers and charms and the kids spent hours decorating their Crocs! After, they played with pipe-cleaners, which is a favorite tradition when the SHC team comes. The kids don’t have typical toys. They often make toys from recycled materials (think yogurt containers, strings, sticks, etc). They are so creative and easily entertained… Another day forever etched in my heart.

~ Tori Costello, Operations Manager Rehema for Kids

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