I had the privilege of visiting In Step Children’s Home in Kenya for the first time. It was an amazing experience! I went with a wonderful team of people with a long history of loving the kids and intentionally blessing the ministry every time they go. During this trip, our team installed a large new playground structure, did crafts, hosted a VBS program, and distributed clothes & quilts.

I was very excited to see our church’s impact during our long partnership with Rehema for Kids, which included the new dining pavilion cover our church had recently raised the funds to replace. The pavilion is important because the kids eat all their meals, worship on Sundays, and do many other group activities and events in this space. Each day, the children invited me to eat lunch with them in the pavilion, and I loved the opportunity to be with them! It was fun to listen to them share about their favorite meals. I learned that every kid was most excited about Friday night dinner! On Fridays, the kids are served ugali (a Kenyan staple made from maize) and sausage links – this is the one meal of the week the kids get to eat meat, which is much more frequent than the families/children living in the community around them likely receive. On Friday, several children excitedly invited me to come to dinner. I declined their invitation, as our team had dinner and a meeting planned to prepare for the next day’s activities. Still, I told the kids that I could join them later that night for a special dance party. The kids were so excited!

When I arrived to join the kids for the dance party, one of the children found me and pulled out a sausage link in her tiny hand. She told me she had saved it from her dinner so she could give it to me. The sincere look on this sweet little girl’s face melted my heart. She was incredibly thoughtful and genuine, and I could tell it meant so much to her to share this special gift with me. As I reflected on why her simple gift was so meaningful, it was hard for me not to wonder how often I give out of my plenty when, in this instance, she gave out of her very little. She gave her best when I would be tempted to hoard my best.

She gave sacrificially when so often we choose to live selfishly. Over the course of my visit, I was touched by the generosity of the many people who, like her, have selflessly and sacrificially given to serve and support the ministry. I’m grateful for this ministry and how so many of God’s people have sacrificed, cared for, and pointed these kids to Jesus. I’m proud of our church and the rich legacy of generosity have shown to this ministry long before I became involved. I feel blessed to see how the people support this ministry generously beyond all expectations. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that regardless of how much you can give, Jesus was right, “it is more blessed to give than to receive.”

~Pastor Scott Paulson

South Hills Church

Kennewick, WA

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