Special Projects Page

We know some of our donors have a heart for specific needs and special projects on the In Step Children’s Home campus. Please review the following list of needs and see if your heart is touched by a specific project. You also have the option of donating an item to honor loved ones for their birthday, milestone celebrations, and in memoriam.

Annual Recurring Needs

  • School Supplies for 2021 School Year $15,000
  • Textbooks for 2021 School Year $4000
  • Uniforms for 2022 School Year $5,500
  • High School Tuition for 2022 School Year $18,000
  • Maize and Beans for 2022 $12,000
  • Christmas Feast for 2021 $1,500

Ongoing Farm Needs

  • Cow for the dairy $800 to $2,000 depending on the age and milk production
  • Chicken for the farm $10

Special Projects Around Campus

  • Additional Cereals Store – This will enable ISF to protect their food supply by preventing weevil infestation. It will also decrease work hours for the farm crew who presently have to regularly lay maize and beans out in the sun and treat them with chemicals. 
      • $6,000 to build addition to cereals store
  • Pole Building for Workspace – Creating a mechanics bay, storage room and large workshop for wood working, plumbing, and welding will provide much needed space for repairs and new projects. The area will also make it possible for staff to train kids in mechanical workmanship. $15,000
  • Shipping Container Addition – Building a frame on top of the containers would provide a space for small group activities and projects. For example: exercise sessions, arts and crafts, music practice, meetings, etc. Additionally, this will protect the tops of the shipping containers from rusting out, making these containers usable for many years to come. $10,000
  • Cover for Laundry Area – this is a simple but important cover to keep drying clothes from getting wet in the rain.
  • New Girls’ Residences (Buildings 2 & 3) – The new homes are not merely to afford the children with a more comfortable living environment. They will address the severe overcrowding, safety, and sanitary conditions that come with 60 girls sharing one bathroom with four toilets, four sinks and four showers. Each of these homes will allow 32 girls to live in a four-bedroom configuration where 8 girls share one bathroom with 2 sinks, a private shower and toilet areas.
  • $70,000 needed for girl’s residence 2
  • $100,000 needed for girl’s residence 3
  • Third Gate with extension walls and gate house – This gate will be located at the corner of the property, giving a third access point from the road to the ISF campus. This gate will ease the challenge of bringing large trucks and tractors with trailers onto the property, making delivery of items like firewood, hay, construction materials more efficient. $3,000