Special Projects Page

We know some of our donors have a heart for specific needs and special projects on the In Step Children’s Home campus. Please review the following list of needs and see if your heart is touched by a specific project. You also have the option of donating an item to honor loved ones for their birthday, milestone celebrations, and in memoriam.

Annual Recurring Needs

  • High School Tuition for 2023 School Year, anticipating 52 students $62,400
  • School Supplies for 2023 School Year $15,000
  • Maize and Beans for 2022 $19,500
  • Uniforms for 2023 School Year $3,000
  • Textbooks for 2023 School Year $4000
  • Christmas Feast for 2022 $1,500

Directors' House

  • Directors’ Home This house will provide a place of retreat & respite for co-founders Jeff & Carla Picicci Cost estimate: $150,000

Special Projects Around Campus

  • Boys’ Dorm – Now that we have 2 new homes for the girls with desks, lockers, and more bathrooms, we need to remodel the boys’ dorm to give them similar amenities. Cost estimate $50,000
  • Multipurpose Workshop – Combination compound workshop, technical training center, and tool & storage building. This would be a pole building construction consisting of multiple bays; woodshop, metal/welding shop, mechanical/automotive shop, tool room, possible paint booth, and material storage area including lumber, steel, electrical and plumbing and painting materials. Providing secure, adequate room to do multiple diverse projects and training sessions without regard for weather conditions or loss of tools and/or materials.  Cost estimate $50,000
  • Junior High Under the new Kenyan curriculum, junior high will house classes 7-9 and require a science lab separate from the classroom. The new 9th grade classroom and lab will be approximately 30′ x 30′ while an adjoined teachers’ lounge and head teacher’s office will be approximately 20′ x 15.’   Cost estimate $60,000
  • Shipping Container Addition – Building a frame on top of the containers would provide a space for small group activities and projects. For example: exercise sessions, arts and crafts, music practice, meetings, etc. Additionally, this will protect the tops of the shipping containers from rusting out, making these containers usable for many years to come. Cost estimate: $10,000