Immediate Response

Many children who live at In Step Children’s Home are immune compromised. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, our In Step Campus went into a full lockdown with all 202 children. To make a lockdown of this magnitude possible, 34 Kenyan staff agreed to stay on 24/7 to keep In Step operating and safe. What a blessing the staff was!

The lockdown lasted for several months. However, this meant that we were feeding 34 additional adults and food was consumed at a faster rate than anticipated. Coupled with horrible infestations of locusts and unprecedented rains, the cost of food increased in Kenya.

Meanwhile, donations dropped for many charities, including Rehema for Kids.


After several meetings with the Ministry of Health and the Department of Children’s Services and a visit with the Provincial Health Officer, In Step leadership enacted the following prevention strategies:

  • continuing to limit visitors
  • continuing to receive all deliveries at the gate
  • all staff & visitors must wash hands upon entering the campus
  • all staff & visitors must have their temperature taken
  • extra handwashing stations deployed