Good morning, friends! We hope your weekend is off to a great start. Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy this quick post from our New York team’s last day on campus. We know how much you’ve enjoyed these so we’re thrilled to share we’ll soon be able to share more as we have a team from Washington state heading to Kenya this week. From Daniel Traina, board member’s blog recap:

We will be leaving the children’s this morning with a 90-minute drive to Eldorat, A 60-minute flight to Nairobi, then Drs. Grove fly home to New York while some of us will be able to enjoy a safari.

I want to thank all the volunteers who sacrificed their time and treasure to participate. Taking 2+ weeks off of work, paying for their travel expenses, messing with your sleep patterns, and the risk of malaria is a true donation of love!

But as in all our trips here, we each get more out of the trip than we expected.

The dental team finished yesterday with seeing all 186 In-Step children age 5+, including the transitioning kids. This included a dental exam, cleaning and fluoride treatment. They also completed 60+ dental procedures, from fillings to extractions. The staff that needed dental attention were also attended to.

Our dream would be to get a 2nd dental team on site so we can visit every January and not wait until 2 years. We hope to purchase a handheld x-ray unit with all digital images. This would allow us to do the more complicated procedures on site. Dreams!!!!

We continue to teach science classes, soccer clinics, and reading to the young ones. Dr. Gary and Cindy had each class come to the computer lab to watch a short video on how to properly brush your teeth and then a question and answer session.

As always, the highlight of each day is sharing devotion time at 7 PM with the children in their dorms. After, the kids walk us back to our clinic while singing songs. Some of the most special moments.

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