Dear Friend,

As you may know, Mama Carla is spending December in the United States with her family for a much-needed break so I want to share a mini-Jambo letter with you in her absence.

Babu Jeff and missionary, Beth Ann, have been sending updates from In Step!

Luci, the fundi (Swahili for seamstress), has made new pajamas for the kids and you can see how much the children are enjoying the new threads.

The kids are continuing to help with chores around In Step with food preparation, learning how to take vegetables off the stem, and washing the vehicles and dishes.

The children have been busy getting ready for Christmas – getting their hair done and making crafts too!

Speaking of preparing for Christmas, one thing all the children look forward to is a drama presentation put on by the high school, Class 7 and Class 8 students. This year, Vero and Churchill are in charge of the production. They will be dancing to “The First Noel” and practice is underway!

Meanwhile, the work has already started on the new girls’ residence. (more info) Everyone is excited to watch this labor of love.

As you may recall, just over a year ago, Mandazi, one of the faithful In Step dogs passed away. Jeff has been thinking about getting a Great Dane puppy to keep the other In Step dog, Victor, company. How cute are the candidates? Jeff instantly bonded with the puppy that has a line down the middle of his sweet little face. Jeff will be taking Hemi home on January 6th.

Please pray for travel mercies as Carla leaves to return to Kenya on December 31st.

I pray this update gives you an additional source of joy this Christmas season!

Thank you for your partnership,

Estha Trouw Madeira
Executive Director, Rehema for Kids

PS. The kids are excited about their Christmas dinner after church because they will eat a huge meal. We will bring you photos next week!

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