Jambo everyone!

Surprise! It’s Jeff writing this month’s Jambo letter. Carla has been back in Washington state, taking a well-deserved respite, visiting with her folks, and enjoying our kids and grandkids. So, we (we being Carla, me and Estha, and Tori) thought we’d try something a little different this month, and that I’d give you the update on how I am holding down the fort without her – which I could not do without an awesome staff!

While on school break earlier this month, Class 8 recently did a community service project. They visited the home of an 84-year-old woman and did several chores around her property.

I’m really proud of these guys not only for the hard work they put in, but for asking to go back to bless the woman with food. Using some of their own earned pocket money, they pooled together and purchased some beans and vegetables for her.

She was so touched by this gesture! She asked for a group photo and couldn’t believe how beautiful she looked with all of the kids. As the Class 8 students were leaving, the woman asked if they would all attend her burial when she dies (this is a great honor in Kenya).

The kids have also been busy with lots of ball competitions. In Step Academy has been joining in local sports competitions, including volleyball, handball, netball, and football (soccer). The competitions work a little differently here than they do in the US in that individual children are selected to advance to the championship – not the entire team. A few of our kids were selected for each sport and they will next go on to a provincial-level competition and from there, some kids could even be invited to the national competition. We are really growing some athletes here!

You may remember some years back, we had a missionary couple who ran a performance art school here in town. They used the funds they raised at their school to teach performing arts classes in children’s homes. They moved, but one of their more advanced and paying students, Brenda, loved their ministry. So much, in fact, that she has continued to come by and work with our girls in ballet. She pours her heart into these girls and they adore her – so much they hosted her over for a sleepover a few months ago!

Under Brenda’s tutelage, they have continued to grow their confidence as they learn and perform. Last weekend, they were asked to be the entertainment for the local Rotary’s 2023-24 induction ceremony. It’s really amazing to see how our girls are blossoming and becoming beautiful (inside and out) young ladies!

In addition to trying to fill Carla’s shoes (ha!), I’ve still been working to oversee all of the construction projects on campus. The junior high building is painted. Because of how humid it is here, it will need a few weeks to cure and dry fully. After that, the kids will be able to start their proper junior high classes at our junior high building. We’ll have to keep building, though – our plan is similar to what we did for the primary school in that each year, we will add one classroom as the students advance grades until each grade has its own classroom and the building can be completed.

This weekend, I get to go pick Carla up from her long journey home. I don’t know who is more excited: me, the kids or the aunties who have been having to have me help with Carla’s monthly office work! LOL

Thank you for letting me write the Jambo letter this month. I’m very grateful for all of your prayers, love and support and know we couldn’t do this without you!

God Is Good All The Time (GIGATT),

Baba Jeff

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