Nurse Abigail “Abby” Saina: My name is Abigail Saina. I am a nurse here at In Step Children’s Home. And I’ve been working here for the last five years, almost going to six years. What inspired me to become a nurse is the need to help people and also taking care of them when they’re most vulnerable, when they’re sick and they’re not able to take care of them.

Co-Founder and Director, Jeff Picicci: What makes Abby such an invaluable member of our team is almost endless. Her commitment to us, to the children her sacrifice, she she works 24-7 five days a week. And then she sometimes even sacrifices her weekends to be with us. From trips to Nairobi with Joanie when she was going through her surgery and the cochlear implant, to being called home so she could help stitch my face.

Nurse Abby: What motivates me to work every day is seeing these kids healthy, and being able to perform their daily tasks without limitations, and also what this children’s home has been able to help these kids some very came with severe malnutrition and seeing them this organization, providing whatever I needed to take care of them and getting them to being healthy. And also someone like Joanie, who was deaf, and now being able to hear her speak and laughing and being able to identify herself with the other children really motivates me to work here daily.

Jeff Picicci: Our kids couldn’t ask for a better role model, or a better person to model their life after, so that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to her.

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