We’re thrilled to bring you our very first blog post! Today’s blog is written by Rehema for Kids Board Member, Daniel Traina of Pittsford, New York. Daniel is currently at our children’s home in Kenya with a team from New York, including several dentists. Here’s what he reported today:

The dental team had three chairs going today, so we were able to see all 42 children in grades 10-12 who will be departing for boarding school on Tuesday. This monumental effort took Dr. Cathy Harrison, Drs. Cindy & Gary Groves, their 3 dental assistants, Sue Wester, Laura & Noelle Woodruff, our office manager, Kathy Van Buskirk, and our backroom supply supervisor, Ginny Vorhis, all day.

They also performed several longer procedures of filings, bindings and extractions. Tomorrow we will screen the remaining 140 school-aged children and then schedule their cleanings and dental procedures for the next two weeks.

Dan Harrison, Dean & Tammie Myslivecek taught the high school students how to build model cars using tongue depressors, batteries, glue guns, soldering irons, and small transistors. They will continue to teach the middle school students throughout the week. At the end of the week, we have a race and an awards ceremony for best-designed car.

School starts tomorrow at the primary school so we will be teaching science classes, chemistry lessons, soccer clinics and computer labs. And as always, our highlight of the day is spending time with the children at meals, devotions and free time.

~ Daniel Traina

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