Good morning, all! We saw how much you enjoyed the New York team’s update from our children’s home. Here is another update from board member, Daniel Traina, who is visiting our campus with a team from the Pittsford, New York area.

WOW. Another amazing day. The dental team has now completed 90 full cleanings, 20 procedures and 180 initial exams. We hope to do 90 more cleanings and all of the needed procedures of children and then see some of the staff. They will be going over to Stepping Stones (our center for special needs children) for a teeth cleaning tomorrow. We also have Baba Jeff and Mama Carla scheduled. 🦷

Dean Myslivecek taught an AP environmental science class to our 7 & 8 graders while simultaneously zooming with his school in Rochester, NY. The children at In Step were able to talk to the American students and see the 6 aquariums Daniel maintains at the high school. Along with his wife, Tammie, Dean also taught a math lesson to grades 2 & 3.

Dan Harrison and Tammie read a book about a whale to primary students that was illustrated by a Kenyan. Dan also continues to build electric cars with groups of students. Today’s group was the 6th graders.

We also continue to have breakfast with the toddlers and listen to their morning singing, praying and reciting Bible verses. We have devotions after dinner with the older children.

I continue to run soccer clinics during PE class and open soccer games during break time. ⚽

~ Daniel Traina

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